Student exchanges and study abroad programs are one of the most affordable ways to see the world. Student exchange programs are available in partnership with universities around the world.
Students who participate on Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs take classes to fulfill their major, minor and elective requirements.
Some programs and institutions are restricted to certain majors or colleges.
Credit for studies at accredited universities outside of Canada is assessed on the basis of official transcripts and calendar descriptions and/or detailed course outlines.
The student is responsible for providing this material.
Courses taken at Colleges which have university transfer programs are also eligible for consideration of transfer credit.
The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta both publish transfer guides which indicate the credit that their provincial universities will give for courses at these colleges.

Up to one year of credit may be awarded for two-year diploma programs (including CEGEP) at provincial colleges and technical institutes. Credit is assessed on the basis of detailed course outlines.
No credit is granted for study at private vocational colleges.

As transfer credit is dynamic, this information may change at any time without notice.
A course equivalence does not mean an automatic transfer credit. Students who are already working towards a degree program and who want to take courses from another institution must request a letter of permission from their home institution to ensure they receive credit.
- Some institutions require a minimum number of courses to be completed at that institution (residence).
- Some academic units require a minimum grade or a completed diploma in order to grant credit.
- Some academic units will not credit courses taken more than 5 (or 8, or 10) years previously.

- Applying for transfer and credit.
- Translating and preparing all paper work you will need till your start your study.
- Getting the best institute for you kind of study you choose.
- and much more......