The official language of instruction in British Columbia is English. Therefore all applicants to the University, College and School must satisfy the English Language Requirements. When you write a letter or personal statement as part of applying for graduate or professional school, you have to make your case as much by the way you write as by what you say.
Applications vary from college to college, but most require some or all of the following parts:
1- Application Form.
2- Application Fee.
3- High School Transcript.
4- Admission Test Scores.
5- Letters of Recommendation
Many private University, colleges, and school ask you to submit one or more letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or other adult who knows you well. When asking someone to write such a letter, be sure to do so well before the college's deadline
6- Essay.
7- The Sum of the Parts
Your entire application should create a consistent portrait of who you are and what you'll bring to the college. The more the pieces of the puzzle support one impression, the more confident the admission committee will be in admitting you.
If the essay or interview contradicts information you gave on other forms, you may cause them to have doubts about accepting you.

If all the parts of your application are filled out honestly and carefully, with an attention to your conviction that each school is a good match for you, you will come across in the best light possible.

- The support letter requests by the Institutes.
- Preparing the letter of permission for the course you want.
- Letters of Recommendation.
- and much more......