TransLink is Vancouver's transit authority. It operates buses, SkyTrains (elevated trains), SeaBuses (ferries that run between downtown Vancouver and the North Shore), and the West Coast Express Rail (a commuter train that runs between downtown Vancouver and Mission in the Fraser Valley).
Vancouver is divided into three transit zones. UBC is in Zone 1. If you have not obtained your U-Pass, your fare ($2.25 to $4.50) will depend on when you travel and the number of zones you travel through. You need exact coin fare or prepaid bus tickets when you ride the bus. Prepaid bus tickets are a better value; they come in books of ten tickets and are available in the SUB, Safeway (grocery store), convenience stores, and major drugstores.

When you board the bus, show your U-Pass or put your coins or fare ticket in the electronic fare box and wait for the box to produce a transfer ticket. Transfers allow you to change buses for up to 90 minutes without paying another fare. Let the bus driver know if you need a transfer for more than one zone.

- Applying for
U-Pass. for a discount transportation.
Applying for Student Card. to save money on public transportation.
- Pick you up from the airport to your destination.