Attending school in Canada is more expensive for international students than for Canadian students, but that's the case in most situations when you are studying in a country that is not your own.

While there are some scholarships for international students wishing to come to Canada to study, there are not many and competition is very fierce. Schools and other organizations offer scholarships to international students and a listing of some of those awards can be found on is free to use. After logging in, perform an advanced search using "International or Visa Student" as your region of residence. If you find a scholarship you think you could apply for, you should contact that scholarship administrator for more information.

Tuition fees are assessed based on your assigned study year. School year is defined as the year you entered the one of those university, collage or school for the first time or entered a new program.

The tuition fee is different from institutes to another.
Non tuition fee:
- Student Activity Fee:
This annual fee is used to support the Student Council, from orientation through to graduation.
- Student Success:
the student health insurance plan.
* counseling services.
* peer tutoring.
* workshops.
* seminars and other indoor/ outdoor activities throughout the year.
- Student Enrolment Services:
The student enrolment service fee is charged each semester, to cover the cost of all attendance letters, timetables, academic transcripts, etc.
- Digital Media Fee:
The Michener Digital Media Fee covers the cost of printed notes; electronic notes in PDF, MS Office or other formats; software licensing agreements; cd's; video files; audio files; Blackboard account; intellectual property ownership and material copyrights.
- Alumni Fee;
- Technology Fee:
A Technology Fee is charged each semester to all post-secondary students. The fee provides for software licensing, student electronic mail accounts, Internet access, systems infrastructure upgrades, Learning Resources Center access and related printing services.

- Find the best program rate available.
- Application and refund..
- Purchasing the textbooks required.